This procedure has been widely used within physician offices and medical spas, where esthetic procedures are performed. It is the safe use of a sharp surgical blade to remove vellus hair from the top epidermal layer of the skin, increasing cellular turnover while smoothing and softening the surface of the skin.


·    The history & purpose of dermaplaning

·    How dermaplaning compares with other forms of physical exfoliation and hair


·    Client selection

·    Contraindications to treatment

·    Proper sanitation of instruments and infection protection

·    Methodology for dermaplaning treatment, including: maneuvering the instrument,  

     clinical end points, troubleshooting and post procedure options.

·    Pre-treatment skin analysis and explanation of the procedure to the client

*All participants will receive a ProStart Kit (contains tools & supplies for 1 treatment room & disposables for 15 treatments)

Be prepared to give and receive a full-face treatment, so please no chemical peels or laser treatments 2 weeks prior to trainin